Vincenzo Monetti and his constant social commitment

To reference an old saying: ‘The ocean is made of many droplets’…
Donating is a noble gesture and being generous is among the best qualities of a Man.
The proof comes from the many signs of solidarity made by Vincenzo Monetti, who confirms himself, year after year, as an Entrepreneur and Person of great social and human value.

He’s always there to help others, supporting the most diverse associations with concrete gestures, to cure, to support scientific research, to restore dignity and hope to those most in need.
At a time of great difficulty and concern, like the one the country was experiencing with the Covid-19 emergency, Vincenzo Monetti was in the front line, both personally and through the Group’s companies, supporting territories, people and charitable associations.
Spontaneous actions and out of a pure spirit of liberality, not for self-celebration or publicity, but simply to donate in order to help without any other purpose.

And it is precisely because of all this that VIM G. Ottaviani Spa has been at the forefront supporting for years the AUCC – Associazione Umbra per la lotta Contro il Cancro