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Monetti Spa is a financial holding company that brings together the shareholdings of businessman Vincenzo Monetti,
achieving the project of functional and structural reorganisation of the Monetti Group.

The holding company


A winning formula that combines the vibrancy of Italian family-run business with a great operational capacity typical of a multinational.

Sustainability, Quality and Safety


Innovation, as well as sustainability, quality and safety at work. All themes that Monetti Group pays careful attention to, making it a model of “sustainable enterprise”.
The approach to business of the Monetti Group is guided by a culture of operating in a responsible way, and by the conviction that an industrial development only has value if it is also sustainable.
The sustainability and the attention to the quality of the processes in all of the supply chain also translate in the commitment towards employee safety, via the constant updating of our facilities, all with the aim to eliminate the risk of human error and to guarantee the highest level of safety.
The commitment to sustainability is one of the enabling factors of the “Monetti strategy”, inspired by the ambition to be a Lifetime Partner to our clients.

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“Sailing the seas of innovation in order to evolve your organisation is compelling. To do this it is necessary to build winning partnerships in order to reach new horizons together.”

Vincenzo Monetti
Monetti S.p.A. CEO

Gentili Signori, con atto pubblico del 18/07/2023 è avvenuta la cessione integrale da parte della Monetti S.p.A. delle quote di piena proprietà della società Gramma Farmaceutici S.r.l. in favore della società Logista Italia S.p.A., con sede legale in Via Valadier n. 37, Roma. Logista, azienda leader in Italia per la distribuzione dei prodotti del tabacco, food and beverage e convenience, estende il know-how maturato nel settore farmaceutico in Spagna, sfruttando la sua consolidata presenza capillare sul territorio nazionale. Ringraziando tutti i clienti, i fornitori ed i partners per la proficua collaborazione prestata in questi anni, restiamo a disposizione per ogni ulteriore chiarimento e porgiamo i nostri migliori saluti."