Regrouping and consolidating the company’s assets for the protection of its capital.


Monetti Spa is a holding company that brings together all of the companies of businessman Vincenzo Monetti.
The functional and structural reorganisation of the Monetti Group is aimed at the optimisation of the management of branches of the business which are not always homogeneous.

The businessman


Young successful businessmen, gifted with exceptional inventive and creative vivacity; an imaginative, genius and forward-thinking man, with great determination and resolve and a unique capacity to manage company processes and finances.
Forged by a military education, law studies and training in the pharmaceutical field, he has known how to transform local companies into leading national businesses in the sales and integrated logistics of the pharmaceutical products.

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  • The reinforcement of the market position achieved in 2020/2021
  • The development of new lines of business
  • The expansion of product portfolio



  • The expansion of authorised warehouses
  • Buying participation in purpose companies
  • To strengthen a sustainable business model
  • To invest in company training
  • Molecule purchase



  • Knowledge of relevant market
  • Appropriate human and economic resources
  • Widespread local presence


Wholesale of pharmaceutical products

Dealer of third-party parapharmaceutical and DM/DPI products and sale of its own parapharmaceutical and DM/DPI products through its own agents' network

Historic Italian company specialized in the production and marketing of over-the-counter medicines (OTC), medical devices, vitamin confectionery products (Zigulì), food supplements for sportsmen (Italstadium), for intestinal transit and for contrasting water retention, cosmetic and cosmoceutical products for the health and beauty of the skin.

Farmalife Srl Parapharmacy with e-commerce

The Sassovivo spring's management, located in the municipality of Foligno (PG), consists of all the services of water collection, adduction, distribution of water, bottling and marketing of mineral or natural water

Tinnitech Int Srl is an innovative start-up company that, through research, development and clinical trials, is working on a 'medical device for the treatment of tinnitus' with a multi-patented system that is highly innovative in terms of both Product and Technology.

Number 1 among pharmaceutical advertising bartering companies in Italy

Stock portfolio

VIM G. Ottaviani Spa


Farmalife srl Parafarmacia


Difar Distribuzione Srl


Fonti di Sassovivo Spa


Tinnitech International Srl


Falqui Prodotti Farmaceutici Srl


Valedo srl

The Group in numbers

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Pallet places



Sqm warehouses



Revenue 2021

250 mln


Clients n.



Staff and collaborators


We serve all of Italy

mappa mondo

We operate in 18 countries

Real estate holding company


Monetti Spa is, amongst other things, a real estate holding company. Born with the aim to manage real estate assets, made up of prestigious property used residentially and commercially. The majority of the property is located in Perugia’s historic centre.

The Monetti PLC headquarters are based at “Palazzo Rocchi” at 40 Via Ulisse
Rocchi, Perugia.
This amazing historic building can be found just a short distance from the Etruscan Arch and from Corso Vannucci. This is a historic residence, which dates back to the XVIII century, and which belonged to Ulisse Rocchi (Perugia, 12th December 1836 – Perugia, 24th January 1919), the Italian politician and doctor.

The residence still retains the timeless charm of that century, but combined with all of the comforts of today.