Congratulations and best wishes!

We would like to congratulate Vincenzo Monetti who, on the occasion of the renewal of ASSORAM’s Governing Boards, was elected for the three-year period 2022-2025 as a member of the Governing Board of the largest member companies.
ASSORAM is the national association representing over one hundred companies in the distributions and services in the healthcare sector of pharmaceuticals, parapharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical and healthcare devices for human and veterinary use, of which Vincenzo Monetti Sole Director’s Gramma Farmaceutici Srl is also a member.

An election that is a source of satisfaction and pride for the entire Monetti Group.
An assignment that not only rewards competence and openness but also intellectual honesty and dedication, in the conscious responsibility of being a serious and balanced reference on sensitive and strategic issues for the fate of the sector.

Best wishes for a serene and fruitful work, therefore, as well as for personal success, also for the Association’s activities as a whole, which Vincenzo Monetti will have the burden and the right to define and contribute to achieve.