The Monetti Group more and more eco-friendly

The Monetti Group keeps on giving its activities a ‘green’ twist, with an increasing focus on sustainability. Drastically reducing environmental impact is a must!
Awareness of these issues becomes a motivation to acquire new habits and new business models, not only by reorganising their production processes, but also in the definition of company policies and the adoption of marketing strategies.

And this is how objects destined to promote the company become ecological gadgets useful in spreading a very precise message of care and sensitivity towards the environment.

This is how the Monetti Group prefers the ‘eco friendly‘ trend even in customised gadgets, made of eco-sustainable, recycled and reusable materials.
Objects with a refined and contemporary design, such as water bottles, notepads, stationery, t-shirts, shoppers. All made with materials such as wood and bamboo, biodegradable plastic obtained from corn, hemp, cotton and other natural fibres.

Our goal? Increase brand reputation thanks to the gadgets’ aesthetic impact and emphasise the company’s approach to ecological and sustainable development!