Monetti Group offers an important asset of “industrial property”, made up of registered trademarks that distinguish, among other things, both products and product lines.


All of this results in intangible strategic assets, playing a clear role in its capacity to produce value for the Group.


The brand, therefore, as a distinctive sign that identifies and distinguishes the products and the services of the Group, guaranteeing immediate recognition and differentiation compared with those of its competitors, but also as a strategic leverage to compete in the market.

It is the brand that distinguishes the activity of human use medicinal products parallel importing: a market which Monetti Spa is recently entering. The medicinal product, like any other commercial good or product, can circulate within the market of the European Union, according to the by now affirmed principle of free movement. The “parallel market” of pharmaceutical products can be considered a consequence of succeeding in such a principle.

It is the brand with which a line of nutritional supplements is created, produced and commercialised.
Health and wellbeing are increasingly widespread themes in today’s society. There is a distinct focus on having the healthiest possible lifestyle. A reason that Monetti PLC focuses on nutritional supplements, that they are adjuvants of dieting, or necessary to stimulate the functionality of the organism or to support the normal function of the immune system.

NUTRIHUM is a range of Nutritional Supplements born from the meeting of Nutrition and Pharmaceutics, intended to provide specific support and is highly functional to achieving well being. It is with a perspective towards the individual and their unique needs, whilst also strongly focusing on quality and scientific research studied by the NUTRIHUM range.

NUTRIHUM products meet differing health requirements, dieting and purification: from cellulite, to poor digestion, to weight gain, to nutraceutical products specifically studied to support some dietary regimes.

The NUTRIHUM Sport range was born on the same basis and with the same scientific precision, but with this project the research concentrates on the studying and specific development of formulas able to satisfy the specific nutritional requirements for those that practise sport, even at a competitive level.

The products in the NUTRIHUM Sport range respond perfectly to the differing physiological demands of the organism, that vary according to the type of training and the intensity of the exercise.

The functional Components present in the formulas (amino acids, proteins, vitamins and plant extracts) have been carefully selected and measured to guarantee a perfect biochemical balance, following the indication of the latest research carried out in the field of human nutrition sciences and sport medicine.

Nutrihum Sport, your personal supplement!

It represents the technological development in home-care diagnostic devices dedicated to cardiovascular apparatus.

It’s the brand dedicated to consumer products sold in pharmacies and includes, within the range, principally, high quality medical devices.

SeniorFarma is the brand name for a line of food supplements designed for the ‘over 60s’.
With the third age, the health risks increase, but it is also more difficult to keep fit.
Food supplements for the elderly are a valuable aid in counteracting the body’s natural ageing process, to feel more active, combat stress and also improve one’s cognitive abilities.

The food supplements we offer are valuable allies:

  • to combat weakness, tiredness, fatigue and loss of muscle tone,
  • to strengthen immune defenses,
  • to correct nutritional deficiencies,
  • to prevent the onset of various disorders, especially during the menopause,
  • to promote antioxidant action against free radicals and oxidative stress,
  • to counter sleep disorders, anxiety and stress,
  • to help rebalance one or more altered metabolic parameters (such as cholesterol, triglycerides, glycaemia),
  • to provide a supportive action in individuals suffering from some cardiovascular, urogenital and visual disorders.

Not medicines that cure, nor products that replace a correct diet, but useful aids in the search for wellness.

With great satisfaction we are working on a Private Label venture, giving the possibility to professionals that work in the field to develop formulas for new nutraceutics, to produce them with our help, to follow them in the steps of registration at the Ministry of Health and to help them to put the product on the market.